a day of La Senora

Today is the day of La Senora in Mexico, it is a day to pilgrimage & celebrate La Nuestra Senora de la Guadalupe. Also know as the "queen" of Mexico, she is seen as a keeper of the poor, and a healer of the sick, & a destroyer of evil. 

Speaking in an Aztec language, an apparition of a young girl appeared to a man named Juan Diego, in 1531, just outside Mexico City. To prove herself as La Virgencita, she made Castilian roses grow on the hillside, which Juan Diego then took to his Archbishop. The rays of light that surround her are meant to be that of the sun, symbolic of the power of god she brings with her. The stars of heaven adorn her blue mantle. (Much of her image/story was meant to attract the native people of Mexico away from their ancient Aztec-related religion).

I'm not a Catholic, but have long been fascinated by the color, mythology and deep rituals of the Catholic faith, especially that of Mexico. Representations of La Senora are embedded in the folk art of Mexican catholicism...and folk art is the work & the voice of the people. I love it when I see it, and often take photos of pieces that capture my eye. 

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