december starts

the opening seemed to go well, it was quite busy. i'm curious, but also not, as to what I've sold so far. 

I put out a few holiday decorations. Since cutting down a live tree isn't an option in this household,  we've instead put up a large Aspen branch, which we'd found fallen in the forest when cutting wood once. D. put it up for me, and I decorated...keeping it simple. enjoying the silver ornaments, red ribbon and the one blue peace dove. 

thinking about gifts, making & buying. thankful for the sunny days which help our house warm up. expecting snow again soon. looking for a job, and motivating/brainstorming what else I could do to give myself a job.

the mornings are hard. it is cold, and with our thermo-insulated curtains down, the bedroom is dark. Libby-the-cat paws at my face sometime after 6am, because she's ready for me to get out of bed. I think about how so many people are capable of doing this every day, so I get out of bed, put on my slippers and a sweater, and head to the living room. Then I have to decide, do I start the coffee or the fire first? And soon, after both of these things are taken care of, the sun starts to peek into the house. 

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