creating for Taos Folk

thank you to family/friends for requesting some pictures.

here are a few samples of the collection I created for my upcoming show. the brighter colors (not natural to my taste) were a suggestion from the organizers of the show. and now that we are covered in a landscape of white snow outside, the colors seem a good idea. 

one of the unique aspects of Taos, is the large artist colony that resides here. so I do feel fortunate, that one of the these groups, the organizers of Taos Folk 2013, chose me to participate in this year's show.

I submitted for several reasons. One of those was that I needed to get myself involved in something about Taos, and something in which D. wasn't also involved. (Though, the gallery is at his theater, but that's just a coincidence of a small town). The other reason, is that I needed to spend some time creating on something focused. And I can play my creative interests all over the place... but sewing little bags is something I know how to do.

I used linen, in different colors, but from one manufacturer, therefore the texture and colorways all appear consistent. I then incorporated some different ikat fabrics, rough silks, vintage chambray & repurposed denim. I love my textures.  I added an extra touch with the zipper pull, made from strips of leather, wrapped in silver wire.

a month ago, I decided to add something unique to my hand. I picked some aspen leaves from the backyard, drew them into a series of stencils, and painted (or drew) them onto fabric. these are my aspen bags. 

I drop these off tomorrow morning. I'm ready for the what-if's to end, and the show to begin. (and then I hope to set up my Etsy shop, which is still empty, but here)


  1. I love these, Elissa! What talent you have!

  2. This just makes me happy to my toes. Beautiful, beautiful things you've created.


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