red glowing Fall

now in the Fall, the mountains take on a red glow at sunset. it lasts about five minutes. it can take your breath away, the sweep of red, pink & orange that suddenly floods the sky, and then quickly disappears back into autumn browns. it is assumed this is why the Spanish named these the "Sangre de Cristo" (blood of Christ).  it is a southern range of the Rockies, and contains such names as the Crestones, the Spanish Peaks, Culebra, Costillo, Baldy, the Taos Mountain, Picuris and la Jicarita (Jicarita is the most fun to roll off the tongue).

I took these from back of the house. I jumped over the still-running acequia (we are curious as to when it will stop), and into our neighbor's pasture, stood there with fingers growing cold, as the colors hit the range.

On Monday I drop off a tub of my bags and the setup up for the TaosFolk show begins. I spent the past few days putting on tags and leather & silver zipper pulls. Today I'll be sewing more, I've decided to create a new size. It makes sense to come up with a new pattern days before a deadline, really.

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