the white stuff

as much as I know I need to find a job, or worry about finding a job, or figure out what to do to make some money, today I was just fine being able to stay home. we woke up to winter. heavy snow on branches, and the sky cold blue in the early morning, grey the remainder of the day. the snow is on-time, as the ski valley is officially opening this weekend. 

I decided to be done with sewing for a few days. (we lost power three times already today, once for several hours. so I suppose not planning to do any sewing today, was mother nature's idea too). I have bags made, tagged & in tubs. ready to deliver. so today I spent some time taking them out, looking them over, and clicking a few photos. is 100 bags enough? I have no idea. I guess I'll know next week. I'm eager to know, eager to move forward from this project and figure out my next one. 

this morning after d. left for work, I put on my boots for a tromp in the snow. I walked down our road to the rio, and found myself walking in the kind of silence only snow can bring. a snow crunch underfoot, the rustle of my jacket, and the wind just barely up, knocking the occasional flurry out of the trees. el Rio Hondo is in a mighty rush with all the rain & snow the mountains have had.  

tonight we're having chicken & vegetable soup. I've got kale, onions & garlic simmering into a stock already. 

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