light for the Fall

two nights in which to light our candles. as darkness falls tonight on All Saint's (All-Hallowmas) and tomorrow on All Soul's (Dia de los Muertos). people in cultures all over the world believe in lighting a candle, to help those spirits that wander find their way back home. it is a time that the living world and the fallen world mingles a little. as Fall is falling, this is the time the known and unknown dead are remembered & given light.

I feel there is power in belief. whether that belief is in centered in an organized religion, faith in humanity, or the spirit of the natural world. our living is connected by the ancestors that gave us life, or the ancient peoples who lived the land we now share. I don't actually know who is out there wandering, but I know there is a possibility something is.

so, I like to light the candles, for the spirits that might be around. for the spirits in my life. a little glow, a little flicker and maybe a little peace. maybe keeping night from full darkness. giving pause, giving thought.

earth waits a miracle--
Man too;
This is the day
All saints pass through

-Anne Morrow Lindbergh (excerpt from All Saints Day)

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