see in the snow

it just didn't snow as much overnight as it was forecast. so we took another walk today, with flurries falling around us. everything was a little slick & the temperature so cold. but we had long underwear on. 

stopped to say hello to the neighbor's goats. they have to run a full field to see us, and don't always want to. and are always disappointed when we have nothing to feed them. but, we like to say hi. I smile at their big bellies. they are well-cared for, las cabras. 

the white contrast of the snow brings out the darks. I kept seeing patterns in the rocks. and taking pictures. at one point, when I stopped to photograph something, he stopped, putting his hand on my shoulder and asked gently, "now what does she see?" this question of his showed understanding of me, and to me sounded just like "i love you".

it did snow all afternoon. but now, as the sun is beginning to set, the sky has cleared in patches. so I've seen a little blue brighten up the place. I hope winter isn't too long this year. 

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