from class

as a part of keeping my brain active, and keeping the art inside of me doing something, I decided to sign up for an online photography class.

I've been shooting photos since I was about 16, when I took a class in high school. I learned to shoot with film, and then process it in a darkroom. though I love the idea of finding myself with film in a darkroom again, this is online and digital. 

our first week was about the basics. remembering how to use a camera on manual settings, rather than the super-easy automatic. all over again, I'm trying to wrap it up inside my head the difference between a low aperture & a high aperture. which ISO is best on sunny days. what shutter speed I need for light, but to also keep the picture crisp. these are all things I learned back in that concrete-block of a high school classroom, but things I'd dropped from my experience awhile ago.

so I've had my first week. and enjoyed being with camera in hand, and taking the pause to not just frame the photo but also set the light. letting the photography be more of an art, than a point and shoot. these are some of the photos I took for the class. 

this guy came back from a hike as I was outside shooting some class photos. he found a new walking stick, and was smiling because he'd gotten to spend a few hours outside hiking by himself. and it is my favorite photo from last week. 


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