puesta del sol

Last evening I took the camera outside, just to capture the pink that was hitting the mountains to our East. Turning then to the the West, I could see that the pink was going to fill the sky in all the directions. So I just put up the camera and took pictures as the sky changed all around me. 

For just a few seconds, the colors were so bright, that it was like daylight outside, but in pink and orange. My heart raced a little, and I had to remind myself to take a deep breath. And I wanted everyone I knew to be there and be bathed in that that overwhelming pink/orange/purple sky light. Fortunately that's when d. returned from work, drove up the driveway, and didn't see me in the yard, as he couldn't keep his eyes off of the sky. So, not everyone I knew, but at least my loving partner was there. 

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