la nueva

A short walk on New Year's Eve
large herd of Elk, we were so excited we pulled over to take in the sight.

Silver Peak, in southern Colorado.

Ute Mountain a drive north of us

For the New Year, I baked some decadent chocolate cookies, which we took over to a party, along with a bag of potato chips. Under a clear, cold, starry sky, we joined friends by a bonfire, some of us with mugs of hot cider & whisky, others with bottles of beer. At the new year people said, "viva la nueva" and we passed around a bottle of champagne, each taking a celebratory swig, and watched as chinese lanterns rose brightly lit into the sky. And of course I had a kiss from my loving d.

Here we are in 2014. I thought about pulling some photos from the year, but instead here are a few from just this week.

I'm curious about 2014, am very okay with leaving 2013 in history. I keep telling myself to make a list, something resolute and hopeful, notes to guide my new year by. And may be I still will...I have lots of ideas to mull around.  My first step in starting the new year right is having signed up for a 6-wk photography course. I hope I'll finally grasp the science of f-stops and aperture, and maybe find some creative inspiration along the way. After that, I'll just keep looking for this la nueva.

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