mixing all the dirt

Another walk out in the Wild Rivers area. It seems so near us, which is why I think we keep going back. This time we took the Cebolla Mesa trail down to the Rio Grande. 

A lot of lovely Ponderosas along this trail. And it was a nice warm walk. Hats were much needed. And our long-sleeve shirts quickly ended up in D's backpack.

The rocks/boulders at the river bank have all turned black & sculpted from the years of water moving over them (thousands, hundreds, a million?) Big, solid remnants of time. 

With such smooth curves. 

We sat on one end of what was once a bridge. We divided up the granola bars (next time we are packing a lunch) and snacked in the river breeze. 

It took us about three hours, down & up. And we talked about what awesome shape we'd be in if we did this hike each week (the coming up involves a few breathers). 

This morning we bought a few things at a rummage sale and then an estate sale too. And then spent a couple hours just digging dirt, making little ditches, adding better dirt to the dirt, and then mixing all the dirt. A garden expansion is in the works (just a few little beds for onions, herbs and more flowers). We know so much more about this land than we did when moving in a year ago (about). So knowing what we can grow, and how much, we've decided to grow a little more. The greenhouse is alive right now, with seedlings from the all of us living here on this farm. 

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