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D. did a lot of searching, and then one day he drove the old truck up to Colorado, and drove home in a newer deal. So, we have a truck again--and a good-looking, reliable truck with all his wants, so that has been a happy thing. 

I've been going out to the garden plot, and basically just hanging out. I pull out weeds from time to time, but that's all I can do. I check on the little green bits of the sage, thyme & oregano popping up, and they are always just fine. So are the hollyhocks. The warming sun and the green grass popping up all over the place has given me some garden fever (and is giving the cat Spring Fever...in which she just spends her days plotting how to sneakily run outside.)

We dug up a little plot just by the house. This is where I'll throw flower seeds. The idea is that I'll have flowers to look at outside my windows. This will be a very happy thing.

We fashioned (well, not We really, it was D. who did all the fashioning) up a cold frame. I've planted some lettuce & spinach. This an experiment, but if it works, I'll have salad greens just outside my windows too. 

The best time of my week so far was spent down in the greenhouse. The landlord showed me where I could put my starts in amongst all of hers and our other neighbor. Inside the orange tree & lemon tree are blooming beautiful white & pink flowers...making a lovely scent, fully perfuming the air. Bees were happily at work, buzzing in the trees, occasionally zooming by me to see what I was up to, but always returned to their pollen opportunity. I planted dozens of starts...tomatoes, peppers, basil, cilantro, dill, marigolds, zinnias and statice. I'm sure I'll end up starting even more in a week or two. Getting seeds in dirt is always a soul satisfying experience. 

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