snow still

I found a job, and just had my first week. It isn't a job I was hoping for, but it is a job. And it was the first full-time job I was offered in these eight months. So it is my job now. It is for a small company, with very nice people, and it pays very little. But I have something to do. And will manage to pay the bills. 

Took two walks yesterday, one on my own in the morning. I just knew I needed some exercise & mind-clearing. I found a bush in bloom, I'm not sure what it is. And another walk later, with D., as he also felt the need for some air. The wind was strong, and it began to get colder as we neared towards home. Snow fell last night.

A slow Sunday afternoon. I baked bread and muffins. Am listening to the wind & the snow blow through the trees and over the chimney. And it might be time for a little nap. 

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