a green walk, las fiestas and dinner with friends

last sunday we took a walk where it is cool & green.
this time it was at Columbine Canyon, though all the columbine have bloomed. there were plenty of pink raspberries not quite yet ripe, purple bee balm, elegantly tall white aspens and orange butterflies.

back in Taos the town was having its last day of Fiestas. I'd visited the day before to get my fix of cheap goods from Mexico being sold not-cheaply, the smell of funnel cakes, burritos, and sweet & sour lemonade, and plenty of sightings of little girls in brightly colored dresses & flowers in their hair. watched a group of kids do a spanish-style dance. listened to some mariachi music. almost bought a bright orange t-shirt that said, "que vivan las fiestas de taos". but when am I going to wear bright orange?

some of the cherry tomatoes from the backyard. I hope the heat of the day will be enough to ripen these, as the nights get so cool.

last night we visited friends in Sunshine Valley. they have a valley view of mountains all around. the view was so unexpected and impressive, that when we drove into the valley, a "wow" left my lips.

and they've recently had a rattlesnake in the yard. so we wore our boots. ate homemade veggie burgers & played a game of horseshoes. put on my flannel shirt to keep warm, & reminded myself that I'm lucky to feel chilly in late July. a storm of lightning lit up the northern sky. bats flew up in the trees. they are growing tomatoes too, but have little hope the tomatoes will ripen up, as the nights get even colder up there.

tonight I'm making pesto.
and tomorrow I get to see what is being harvested at the farmer's market. lately have been enjoying crisp, crunchy cucumbers and sweet peaches. 

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  1. you will wear orange whenever you damn well feel like it my dear! viva zanahoria!


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