thy woods and templed hills

it took some driving to find the spot. but we found this gentle open meadow. a quiet spot next to the rio chiquito. our holiday plan was to enjoy a picnic & have a little walk.

these rusty orange butterflies were everywhere in the brush.

and it was near here, d. told me, that he last saw a bear. which of course, made me nervous. but of course my experience with wildlife in the actual wild, is limited to the occasional possum in my kansas backyard.

but where there is wildness, there is beauty. and we had a nice walk.

here now the clouds have darkened and the wind cooled off, as if it may rain. a woman just walked by wearing a bright pink scarf thrown over her shoulders. the neighbors down the street are having a party in the courtyard & I can hear them playing one of the spanish-language radio stations. and I've been thinking about all the writing I used to do. and all the writing I used to plan on always doing.

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