july weekend

friday evening we visited the Taos Pueblo for the annual Powwow.

photography on the Pueblo isn't encouraged, and I am never comfortable taking pictures of religious, personal ceremony. so I have no pictures.

our visit was just in time for the Grand Entry, the opening procession of all the dancers from all the tribes. in outfits beautifully detailed in feathers, beadwork and embroidery, they entered the dance circle to the mournful sound of the slowly beaten drums and danced or simply walked stoically tall around. the amount of historical reverence & cultural pride was an emotional thing to see & feel overall, it was one of the most incredible things I've ever witnessed both spiritually & visually.

visited the Harwood Museum yesterday. and took pictures of the pictures. of how the different artists of Taos saw their northern new mexico home around them.

it got me thinking about how I'm seeing what is around me. and though I'm not a painter, how will I begin to portray this home around me?

I left some of my confidence in Kansas. I only just realized this over the weekend. And I feel better, because now I know I need to get it back...and that's just a matter of embracing something I'd forgotten to unpack.

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