summer time

last week on my walk home from the library I was admiring the storm clouds gathering above, and the way that there were stacking up in sky, reminded me of this painting.

am just now realizing that writing down the names & artists of my photographed paintings would have been a good idea.

saturday we were invited to dinner. we enjoyed a spread of summer-inspired foods. and then managed two rounds of croquet as we drank gin with limes & lemons, lemonade & tonic. as it grew dark the clouds over the mountains began to rain. we laughed a lot as we played. 

 we have a hummingbird that seems to like the pink, peppermint ivy geranium that hangs outside our living room window. hummingbirds can't be photographed. but geraniums can.

last night we threw a homemade pizza on the grill. it turned the crust magically crisp & bubbled the cheese. we had a friend visiting from los angeles. and we chatted as the summer day grew dark & cool.

we are finally having the kind of hot days which I associate with summer. they are not the kansas-kind, but enough to make me sweat.

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