as fall arrives

as fall arrives, so do the colors change. I can see in the light, that it is losing the reflection of all the green, and gaining more yellow, orange & brown. the field outside our adobe, turning into a plain of rust, gold, lavender, bright red and sand. oxido, oro, morado y rojo. 

though am trying to stay thrifty, visited the farmer's market on saturday. didn't let myself buy a piece of lavender/sage art, and admired the brightly colored ristras now on everyone's stall. I bought butternut, zucchini, candy onions and garlic. and some little apples. manzanitas. 

an older farmer, with cowboy hat and a crisp, tucked-in western shirt, stopped me as I walked by his booth. he was excited for me to try some of his golden apples. with his heavy taoseƱo accent he insisted I try a piece. I couldn't say no. and he was right to press me, they are sweet & crisp and full of a green taste. I bought a pound for $2. knowing that later some of them would become chopped, covered in cinnamon & sugar, and folded into a buttery pastry. (the exuberance of which d loves these pastries, makes me almost addicted to making them for him.)

the night before we had our first hard freeze. and it did hit hard. everything that had been so full of life, now wilted and brown, closing down because of the cold air. this is summer into fall.

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