fall in the mtns

we don't have to drive up very far to find snowy patches. we cut lots of wood on wednesday, all the while under the tallest trees, and our boots crunching in the snow. I found a hollow tree, and took pictures of it, wondering who might call the little wooden cave home. 

today woke to a cloudy, rainy morning. the yellow leaves darkened by the rain, looking orange in the trees.

I keep having these dreams with an old theme, that I've been forgetting to go to class. and not that I forgot one day, that I manage to go entire semesters without remembering. and when I do decide to make sure I get there, everything gets in the way--I have to wade though long, muddy fields or I can't find the street...and I always have to walk, no matter how far away the "school" is.  
D. tells me that it is just my own unfortunate beliefs in my own inabilities, haunting my dreams. 

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