as october nears end

last night I drank hot cider with whiskey and the rain fell for hours. this morning the air is clear and everything is in droplets. the aspen outside the kitchen window contrasting against the wet, dark fence. I found a piece of wood turned bright orange in the rain. 

the acequia is running full, but also the Rio Hondo is rushing. I can hear it from our yard, though it is almost a mile away. it is so loud I first thought an engine must be running nearby. the water comes from the mountains, and eventually it all runs to the Rio Grande, especially now that it isn't irrigating fields.

the leaves are a sodden mess, in all their greens, yellows and reds.

the valley has turned rust-colored. I've pulled out my sweaters and packed away my shorts. Libby the cat has been safekeeping her toys in D.'s shoes, we've found three so far--she seems to be nesting for winter in her own way. we've accepted the reality that though we have a lot of wood, we'll need even more. and yesterday I applied for a New Mexico driver's license...which made me cry a little, as I still have occasions which I feel misplaced here, and yearn for the comfort of the Plains. though in looking back to a year ago, that "homesick" feeling has very lessened since then. 

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