city weekend

occasionally one must leave the ground and fly off to the city. we'd both been to this city before, but it is one we don't mind seeing again, and this time it was with each other. & we had a wedding to attend, with me to stand up with the bride. our first morning was grey & windy, as we walked up & down the lake. tall buildings cloaked in clouds, and our noses pink from cold. 

the next morning, sunny. everywhere looking up, I was distracted by decorative moldings, sun's light carved into brick & stone, the awe that people live among such tall buildings in the sky. we kept losing our sense of direction without a horizon to gauge.

we were staying in one of Chicago's historic hotels downtown. and the lobby was a bit breathtaking, in its art & opulence and also in its energy, as it was always a bustle and filled by the din of voices from everywhere. we managed to sip coffee there, with friends. and also have a late night cocktail, allowing the overpriced drink to be admission for the enjoyment of the view.

managed to see friends who were also in town from faraway, though not for the same reasons. ate deep-dish pizza & found time to chat in the midst of so many things. 

I used to go to weddings alone, and it always felt like I was missing something. it took me forever to find the love of my life, and now having him with me, for weddings or for traveling, or even for figuring out the propane bill... is in itself a happiness. I used to have to grab hope for these things. And even though I was perfectly capable on my own, now having a partner to share all these things, is something I know I deserve, but also something that makes me feel like one lucky-ass woman.

while d. had time to explore the city, I spent quality time with the bride, as hair & makeup was done, fancy attire put on, and nerves bounded all over the place. all-in-all a wedding that went as planned, and the bride was happy. and so were all the guests. and even though I cried giving my toast, I wasn't as nervous up there in front of the microphone as I'd expected. but I think it was because I was on my 2nd drink on a hungry stomach. the wedding ended the trip, & we were up early with the sun for our journey back to la tierra. the first thing we noticed, on the ground in new mexico, was our incredibly warm sunshine. 

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