being winter positive, as a last resort

time to not dwell so much on the dregs of winter.

as my dear friend Q., up in Montana, has reminded me. there are good things about winter. so I've come up with a little list.
-- having reasons to drink hot chocolate or hot spicy tea
-- baking bread doesn't turn my house into an oven
--wool socks & sweaters, so cozy
--the cute factor of my nephew when all bundled up, stomping around in his little winter boots
--lots of time to read, since there is nothing to do outside
--garden planning & seed ordering
--Spring feels like a big present in the mail, when it finally arrives

Spring photo, last year, March 21 2007. (Almost there!)

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  1. some of the trees are already budding here. and i saw a robin last week. i'm kinda freaking out about it. it's FEBRUARY! and people say global warming isn't real.


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