steve & oscar

the fact that I was in L.A. the same weekend of the Oscars, didn't connect with me, until our drive around Hollywood on Thursday, and K. points out that the red carpet is already set up. I turn, and there, like a huge prop standing on the street corner, is Mr. Oscar.
just like on tv.

that's the thing about L.A. Lots of it is just like TV. It is TV-land, after all. though what you'd never know from watching the Red Carpet pre-Oscar stuff, is that on the other side of the "wall" bulit for the red carpet glamour. is a pizzeria. and a tourist knick-knick shop. and a 24-hour photo. and a quick cash place.

So we walked around the high-security maze of red carpet set-up chaos. and wandered in front of the Grauman's Chinese theater. checking to see if our feet were bigger or smaller, than the footprints of the famous.

So, as Oscar hovered above. I found Steve's signature & imprints. My hand fit nicely in his. It also fit nicely in Matt Damon's. And my feet were the same size as Henry Fonda's.

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