beyond chairs

in, L.A., stopped at the Eames Gallery.
the three of us are particularly enamored of the Eames'. and one of us wanted to buy a gift for an Eames-obessessed someone.

Ray & Charles Eames are probably most famous, for the Eames chair. But their work in architecture & design influenced an era of design.

Molded plywood. A style light & modular. Or simply modern.
Their influence can be seen by going into EBay and typing in "eames" -- and you will pick up hits described as "eames-style" or "eames-era". From kitchenware to lamps to textile design.

The Gallery had an exhibition of Charles Eames' photos. 100 images. Of the things that inspired him. Took some more pictures-of-pictures. Something I've been having fun with. Because you get to see the photographs, through another lens.

A few more photos over on my Flickr page. Seem especially drawn to images of domesticity.

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