colors and bits of other cultures

We took a stroll down Olvera Street in downtown LA.

Also, we missed the Chinese Lantern Festival that afternoon. (Chinatown neighbors Olvera Street). Loved the cross-cultural decorations around the park's bandstand. Red lanterns and papel picado banners.

Papel Picado banners. First, I always want to buy one. But I don't, because, what to do with it? Second, I remember in high school art class, Mrs. O., had us make paper cuts. But I can't remember how mined looked. Or, where it went. Seems fun, to try again.

It was cool & rainy, the sun setting fast. People milled about under umbrellas. We stopped in the Plaza Church, the interior bright white with an altar-wall of gold. Despite the inside shimmer, it seemed especially somber, with dark rain falling outside. People silently praying in pews. The altar outside the church door, lined in lit candles. A serene sight in the evening dark. And busy with kneelers, even in the rain. I wanted to photograph the scene. But, felt, again that internal conflict. Whether or not it is a sign of admiration, or an act of disrespect.

The street's marketplace, lined with little shops, & a middle corridor of stands. It looked like mercados in Mexico. Night fell, and the shops & stands glowed.

Of course, the colors caught my attention. And I left bearing little bits of Mexican art. Like big red & turquoise cloth flowers. And a pair of silver filigree earrings. With a peacock design.

Hopefully next time, I'll get to visit Chinatown too.

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