when photos came from film

so, as my friends will think to themselves, "it's about freakin' time"-- but, I finally purchased a backup hard drive. for how long it took me, you'd think I'd been contemplating buying a summer home. so, now, the next time my laptop goes black and loses my hard drive--I'll actually have it backed up.

this leads me to comment, that I've not yet put together my list of things-to-do-2008, but when I do, I think one of them will be to start archiving all of my photos taken before the digital age.

scanning these will be important. but a fun way, is to also, just take a photo of them with my camera. the true integrity of the photo is lost, but also, the photos themselves become...photos. and in a sense, a new art form. as I've been playing around with this technique, I've learned that how I represent the photo in a new photograph, changes the image. I don't suppose I'm explaining this correctly. but I'm having fun with it, regardless. (this is where my "Turkey" photos down below, came from)

the image above include two of my great-aunts, and a bushel of kids. my mother being the cutie, 2nd from the right. it was likely taken on my great-grandparent's front porch, the big old white house in town. I have two memories of that house. the glass doors opening into a living room, with a big old christmas tree. and the bright kitchen, that smelled of almonds & vanilla.


  1. omg. it is so about time that you got an external. that took long enough. now you can obsess at night about whether you should lock it up in a fire safe box every day, 'cause if your house burns down and it's just sitting out in the open then you might as well not have had it at all.

    the picture of a picture thing. i like. that's what i'll do with my ireland and utah pics.

    i'm eating peanuts.

  2. I can always trust that you two will give each other new things to worry about.

    I love seeing these new old pictures, e. And it of course reminds me that I have hundreds of pictures sitting in boxes that I should do the same with.

    Of course that means I need to buy a scanner....

  3. the funny here is that I already do have a firesafe box, because of the house burning down fear. and the hard drive is already stored safely inside of it.

    d. is obviously my anxiety twin.

  4. It is Aunt Selma with Aunt Ollie.
    Also, dark-haired girl, sitting between Ron and Werner Gail, is Dawn Woods. The California relatives must have been visiting. Dawn's mother, Aunt Edna, died a few weeks after celebrating her 100th birthday in October 2007.


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