the right blue

it is hard to create photographic justice of the ks sky.
but after all the rainy, cloudy and stormy days we've had lately, I felt compelled to capture some blue early this morning.


ink on fabric

For awhile I've been walking by a big, dusty tray of these at an antique store down the street. I'd occasionally stop, hold them, admire their weight. I even bought the letter "e" once, for fun. But was stuck as to how I could incorporate them into my fabric, sewing etc...
Then I read this post by Moonstitches and realised, that of course, stamping is for fabric too.

sadly, the set is missing an "a". and it is such a cute little letter to miss too.

finding a place

hello. after much time spent reading other people's blogs--and some time spent sharing a blog with friends. I believe it is time to approach my own.

so here it will be. from a small house in big kansas.