great things list #16

believing in my president.

watching him speak to Congress on national TV. and smiling. with a feeling of
confidence. and even, getting a bit teary-eyed.

and wanting to clap right along with everyone there.


little ladybug

the day I brought her home.

the day I said goodbye.

thank you ladybug. for 15 years of good kitty love.

sleep well.


friday the 13th

I have a black cat. He is constantly crossing my path.

Choosing to think this means I'm lucky today.



thanks, Abe.



yes. i'm still in awe.

I should probably post something of substance. but all I've got on my mind
is the glory of trusting my president again. and this crazy spring-like weather we've been having.

and the one month I have left to create a birthday#1 present for little A.