thinking about basil

seeds. 7 days old.

thank you Spring.


buttercream for birthday cakes

little adorable had her first birthday party.

her brother helped her blow out the candles. (he also made the decorating decision...of placing the three pink candles in the cake)

she happily stuffed in her mouth, and covered herself all over, in a mixture of buttercream frosting and bananacake. which I adapted the recipe from here.

buttercream frosting, is by the way, delicious. and friends and family, pictures will be on flickr.


for a birthday

little A. will be one next week.

thought I'd use the occasion to try some papercut-art. partially coached by this artist. while in awe of this.



spring teases

we had a few days of sprinter (as my friend, d., likes to call it)

it was beautiful.

and then my allergies hit me like a brick to the head.

then the cold winds came down again.

and it is winter again.

oh well, whatever.



february once again, didn't fail in being one of the crappiest months of the year.
but here we are at March.

and there are some good things ahead.
like the green of daffodils popping out once again.

soon, a 1st birthday for my little A., her present I'm working on. inspired by papercuts here.

watching the progress of a friend's building home (bound to give us all envy).

and having a few days ahead, in which I'll get to wear flip-flops again.

the elderly black cat has looked for little ladybug. but I think he's resigned himself, that she is
no longer around to lick clean his ears.
i'm realising that having just one cat, is quieter and cleaner, than two.

am planning to order some garden seeds. because it is close to time, to start some seeds.

and am hoping, that with Spring will come new & good things.
usually, it does.