our middle september

campfire nights.
one or two rainy mornings.
perfect afternoon naps.
cooking big meals.
taking walks under the cottonwood & walnut trees, listening to bluegrass everywhere we went.
a memorable biscuits & gravy breakfast as the sky cleared.
on our last night, storms scared us enough to send home the kids.
but all was quiet.

one more winfield.

also, it was one year ago that little Fitz died. and I came home from the vet so sad. only to find an email from one of my favorite men finally asking me to visit him. and then started my new love in new mexico.


all set up

a lovely sunday morning at our campsite in the hollow.
and our still clean & organized kitchen area.

looking forward to campfire nights.
and long days under the walnut trees with friends.

but first today, work to finish.


away heat.

the heat faded. a magical cold front came through last night.
and we are all relieved.

my lawn is dead, and so are many things I so eagerly planted this past Spring.
but my geraniums are doing fine.

windows are open & the breeze is crisp.

feels like it is about time to go camping for a week on the Walnut.