gifts from afar

a package of lovelies arrived today from England. overflowing with buttons--some cleverly disguised as gift-wrapping.

I also can't wait to play with my vintage needlepoint book which once cost ninepence. as well as some extraordinary little nature cards (they deserve framing), crimson thread and a little jar full of buttons. thanks to my busy overseas swap partner Petulant.


little jars

cleome, four o'clocks and dill.

flower seeds that mom saved in little jam & mustard jars--so that I may plant some this year.

with the warm, sunny weekend ahead. I have seeds a plantin' to do.


for seeds to sow

this will be the first year I've had vegetables here in the new house.
I've converted what used to be a ugly logpile (which tended to collect trash blown from the winds) into a bed. after much digging and bags of new soil--as well as compost I'd started last summer, and some brand new red bricks, the bed looks ready now.

I'm quite proud of the transformation. and after the tomatoes, spinach, basil, dill and zinnias (I've already placed in some snapdragons) are planted and grow. it will surely be one of my favorite places.


spring snow

last weekend.
a surprising snowfall.
which quickly melted away.

am ready to start planting seeds in the ground. so, here's hoping the freak winter blast doesn't return--for months to come.


basil sprouts

little signs of what is to come.

wishing this blast of wintery weather we are having will leave soon.


vintage button swap

I am one of those people attracted to bins & baskets of dusty buttons that you may find at thrift stores & estate sales. all the different colors, shapes and materials. And as they collect, they just become piles of colors. As a girl, I love opening up my mother's big button jar, just to see what possibilities existed.

am happy to have joined my first swap. thanks to shimandsons.

now, to decide which ones will make the trip to my newly-assigned swap partner over yonder the ocean.


spring pink

love how proud these tulips appear to be. standing tall, with pink faces.