little basil-lings that I can't wait to plant outdoors.

been having dreams about being somewhere that I need to find a way home from, or knowing that I have to travel far to get somewhere & needing to find out to do it... I think my brain is mulling over a few things.

and then there was that dream about being forced to stay in Budapest to perform in a medieval Halloween play with my high school class.

I am looking forward to my next train trip, and enjoying some Springtime air in the old west.


a month past

just thinking, it was now a month ago that I left for my trip.

sweet memories. (except for the air travel part)


sometimes it is just the blahs. no matter what you do.
the outside is bursting with spring, but your insides are still a little bit like winter.
and you just have to wait for it all to even out.

but I do have this always entertaining kitten.


prague praha praga

In Czech, it is Praha.

In Latin, it is Praga.

We took the train from Berlin to Prague, a five hour trip. We knew we'd crossed the border when the train stations signs were suddenly even more unrecognizable.

Our walk from the main train station, the Hlavni Nadrazi, to the Pension Tara on Havelske, was easy enough. And we were relieved to find our greeter at the pension very friendly & helpful.

Our room was cute & clean & white-walled. With tall ceilings and a great view overlooking the street below. And since we had a fridge, we decided we should find some water, beer & food to put into it. And then we took a walk, with a map but with no destination in mind.

My friend Anne had told me that in going to Prague you didn't need a plan of what-to-see, you just needed to walk around. And she was exactly right. We never had a plan, but we saw amazing things.

Our first walk took us right into the Old Town Square, as the sun began setting. And we were both instantly speechless & giddy. It was beautiful, in that very old & sad way, elegance that has weathered many storms.

Prague is elegant & stoic, with twisty, narrow cobblestone streets & buildings in muted bright colors. It is also built of stone, which makes it feel cold sometimes, and as tourists we were often received by chilly, unsmiling faces & a rather confounding language that we heartily tried to speak & understand. But, I loved it. & I loved being there with someone just as in awe as I was.

And today I'm off to the library in search of a good history book that may help me understand the city & its people even better.