lovely snow

the locals (& skiers) around here don't think we've had a good snow year. I'm pretty okay with it. I'm ready for it all to move on to Spring (not that it doesn't snow in Spring). I guess I'm a little over winter.

I have enjoyed the chance to get out my super snow boots. Black & clunky, but warm and solid. They make me feel strong in the snow. 

it stays relatively warm here, for winter temps. which makes winter seem not so long. but I'm ready for more light in the day. 

we planned on this being the winter I got on something other than snowshoes. but so far skis haven't been much of an option. I'm realizing that unless you live here to ski, it is easy for all the other things in life to get in the way. but, it could still happen. if on our next free weekend we have fresh snow.

walks through our snowy pastures have been lovely. I'm not over the loveliness of it all. 

unfortunately the roads quickly turn to mud out here. on my walk today I got stopped at the bend by the river. the snow is easier to walk in than the mud. but I knew the mud would take over. I detoured to walk along the river, noticing what tracks were in the snow. mostly it looked like the rabbits had a busy morning. and the magpies are so light the tracks they leave are like little skis on the snow.