fall falling

fall is here. today it is chilly in my house. and I couldn't wear flipflops outside, for fear of cold toes.

over the summer, some things happened.

-finally, I stripped off leafy wallpaper and made my front room pretty. I've now fixed the things left behind by former owners. now to start fixing other things.
-someone I saw goodness in, finally showed me that what goodness he had, he wasn't going to give to me.
-my niece learned the cuteness of waving and saying hi & goodbye.
-my nephew got a bike.
-my garden has gone from green, productive happiness to prettily fading away.
-i started riding my bike again.
-I got to see two people I adore, get married with honkytonk & honey.
-enjoyed yet another Winfield, with amazing weather. one of the prettiest places to take an afternoon nap.
-got overwhelmed (or no longer felt worried) by my books on politics, history and Lincoln. so, started reading short stories again.
-I got to be around friends and family that love me for who I am.
-and oh, came down with a cold.


for the soul

a cure for a rainy day, for getting up on the wrong side of the bed, for a bad work day. or just the plain ol' blahs.

having the two most important people in the world, come over, dump out every toy in the toybox, and play on your living room floor.