at day, hot. in the evening, warm. at night, breezes.

cicadas & fireflies.

eating out of the garden.

handfuls of purple coneflower.

and in a couple of days, a pool party with fireworks.


kansas june saturday

evening at my brother's. kids ran around in swimsuits.
except my nephew, determined to be naked.
friends. family. beer. food. soft summer air. cool in the shade.
a hayrack ride. without the hay. and with an old smelly tractor.
wheat is ready to harvest.
soybeans are just coming up.

my smiley niece. in a dress that I made for her.
she's more than just cute.


bicycle dreams

this western "fairway" flyer didn't sell at my neighbor's garage sale. so, they had put it on the curb for trash.

I walked by it and couldn't pass.

she's a little heavy. and a little rusty. but when I sat on the seat, seemed to be a perfect fit.
so now she waits, in my garage. for someone to make her pretty again. so I can go for a ride.

one day. dream a little dream.


june time

it starts right after I turn another year older. gasp.
it gets hot. you "have" to turn on the a/c for the first time.
and then it rains. and everything is cool again.
you get your first sunburn.
and you remember that with the amazing growing garden you have, you also have gangly, indestructible, chameleon weeds.

a new dress for little A.
sewing for myself, just not as much fun.

learning to grow tomatoes in pots.
in effort to get more sun.

sweet peppers.

and that basil, is happily in the ground. (but, somebody has been munching on my marigolds)