damp and rainy day. sticky Kansas humidity. wet with rain. a day when the light never changes, and it is nap-inducing dark all-day-long.

so damn dreary today. my mood could use a little more sun. and my tomatoes.

but since I'm trying to be more "positive" in daily life. at least, it is cool outside. not Kansas-hot yet.


If I were an herb

I might be in love with my fellow basil.
It's name derived from the Greek word for "King".
It deserves such a title.
A bit fragrant, like cloves, and those shiny, bright green leaves. Thriving in the sunny heat of summer.

This Genovese Basil, which I planted from seed this year, has begun to reach it's abundance. I have close to 20 plants growing, in different stages. And I'm carefully plucking it each week, and making myself pesto.

Amazing what a little green, garlic, nuts, cheese and olive oil can create.


from yellow, to green, to wonderful

someday, I'll pluck a lovely, juicy red cherry tomato from where this flower grows.


lights & hums

though I have no photo. (though, ridiculously, I did try)
the fireflies are abundant now. they've been about for over a week.
as soon as the sun begins to fall.
I love how they glide through the air. lazily. flickering.

accompanied by the sound of the cicadas hum. a sound which falls from the trees and rather fills up the air.


tiger lily, that lovely creature

growing up, we called these tiger lilies. which I loved as a girl, because it is a name from Peter Pan. the name of the lovely and strong princess who didn't need much saving (like Wendy did).

though am not sure it really is a tiger, it very definitely is a sign of summer in Kansas. as they grow everywhere.

I had transplanted these from my mom's farm last spring. And now, they bloom along my fence. And I wish I'd planted more.


poppy haiku

the poppies.
on a rainy day.
after bloom.


baby green




sweet & spicy & crispy.

practically impossible not to just keep eating.
thankfully, I made them for a fundraiser. so I feel doubly guilty eating them.

from the new Martha baking handbook.


bunny for the 1-yr old

though I've made this bunny for a few babies, this was my first attempt at "dressing" the bunny. of course, I had to make up the pattern. it will need a few changes next time. but, I feel pretty good about this attempt.

the bunny is just 12-yr old McCall's pattern that has seen many, many days.

hope baby H. enjoys.


as tall as me

one of my tomato plants is now as tall as me.
which is my sign to let it begin flowering...growing fruit...and not soon enough, I'll be picking tomatoes.
so much has changed, in simply a month 1/2.

today I picked some basil and stood by the garden, closed my eyes, and simply smelled it. it is heavy and fragrant. and enough to make you never want June to leave.


soft spring, finally

this past weekend was a reminder of why Kansas can be so beautiful.
warm sun, incredibly azure blue skies and soft breezes.
welcome after all of our stormy, rainy days of late.

pinwheels in the mint, under the apricot tree.