winter in nm

at a certain point we just stopped worrying about how dirty the floor is by the front door. with muddy shoes one day, and then snowy the next. we've decided to deal with it later.

fiery sunsets show up when the skies are clear. and they are just as amazing from outside as inside.

the other night we took a walk just as the skies got dark. with the snow, the light was just dark blue all around. as we walked we heard just the sounds of our boots in the snow, and the river rushing through.

getting over a foot in two days at our house, means the ski valley must have twice that. these are the good days for skiers. and in my blah-ness about more snow falling, I realized that one can't survive winters here without finding ways to have fun in the snow. with a rental of skis & boots, thoughtfully done by D., I was ready for some cross country. and it worked out lovely that we could just do it around home. it was fun. the feeling of gliding through the snow. I get it, I get why people love it. 

my body feels different in mostly good & improved ways. I still have issues with my stomach muscles, which are not as instantly better as I wanted. I feel stronger, but in everything I do I'm worried I'll hurt what has healed. next winter, I'll be amazingly stronger & ready for some actual skiing.

I just took a little walk up to our trail. the snow is deep, over my boots, and slushy at the bottom, making the walk slick and cushiony. everything outside is peacefully layered in healthy moisture. I walked by a cedar and my nose was overwhelmed at the smell. the snow has made the cedars strong.

i'm needing something more than what I have in my days. my job isn't as fulfilling as I need. or my time at home isn't very productive with creative projects. i'm looking for something, and I'm sure warmer days & nights, and the energy of Spring will help me with this.