a day at the park

after a walk in the park, a sunny place on Hufelandstrasse for lunch. with beer & a huge steaming bowl of chicken noodle soup.

the Marchenbrunnen, a fountain surrounded with Grimm's fairy tale figures in stone.

am in awe that there is so much graffiti everywhere.

I wonder about home. but I look forward to the things I get to see.
and eat.
and drink.

tomorrow we take a trip by train to Prague.


water tower park


you can drink beer anywhere here. which is being enjoyed.
even though it still feels a bit illegal.

old water tower

today, a sunny lunch in the park. eating yummy doner kebab.

and laundry, and buying train tickets for Prague.


macht nichts

in a foreign language

it can be frustrating to walk around without understanding any of the words.
but at least I see familiar things.
and get to spend my time with very good friends.
and berlin is full of wonderful things to see.

fragment of history

ate a pide in a turkish cafe. the feta was deliciously salty. finished it with sour cherry juice.
which was one of my favorite things about Turkey.

enjoyed just how punk rock germans can get.
and then smiled while eating a burger & fries.
walked along a piece of the wall that used to separate so much.


more things seen

the brandenburg, a big symbol of freedom

4 euro for a bunch of tulips, big symbol of spring


the things we see

irish coffee in a french cafe on a berlin street

art everywhere

a long view

with his foot on satan


7 hours ahead

balcony view of prenzlauer berg

a long trip. which really just has me back to a country where my people once lived. and left for the fields of kansas.

a long trip welcomed by much love, many hugs and a family home away from home.

the living room

americans in plaid, making dinner in berlin