two days and two cries later...

the other night we got rain.
more than a little. all at once.

we missed a tornado, but got the wind.
made everything muddy, and messy with debris.
my backyard became a pond.

and throughout the past two days, I've periodically been in the basement.
praying my sump pump would keep going.
as I dumped gallons upon gallons of water from the water-vac into the pump.

two days, and two breakdown-and-cries-b/c-i'm-overwhelmed later, I think the water has lowered...in the basement and the backyard.

but, it is supposed to rain again. hoping it only sprinkles.


open windows

I think of how many times during the winter,
I wanted a day warm enough to open my windows.

and now, I'm amazed it is here.
breezes, birds, lawn mowers and warmth.

last night's crashing thunderstorms kept me awake,
and the cat hiding downstairs.
but this morning, everything green...looked brighter than it did yesterday.


almost May

planted hollyhock seeds. which my grandpa gave to me. I adore the little white notes he wrote to label the seeds. I've planted them along the tallest part of my wooden fence. I can't wait to see them.

also sowed some morning glory seeds which my mother had collected for me. she discovered them growing up an elderly woman's fence. apparently, they are mini-morning glories.

some of the basil has been moved outside. soon into bigger pots.

wild violets. they are weeds, basically. growing everywhere in my yard. I've been digging up clumps and moving them to flower beds. because they are pretty & purple, weeds.

this past weekend I saw Kris Kristofferson play at the Orpheum. it was just him, his guitar and a harmonica. I felt a little overwhelmed by the idea that I was actually seeing him in person.

it is almost May. I have dresses to make my niece. and I'm feeling burdened by home ownership. and frankly, am once again, very uncertain about how to feel regarding my bday.


new favorite

william eggleston
not new, but a new favorite photographer of mine.

colorful & southern.