I bought a scanner.

this is me, on my bigwheel. It is a little out of focus, since it is a high-speed action shot. I've heard from both of my parents that I was fearless on this thing. and often scared them to death, with bigwheelin' speed, twists & turns.

it is possible this was the only time I've ever been thought of as a daredevil.

I avoid things that frighten me. And I don't always make the best decisions, because of that fear. but I think in doing so, I ignore my own strength.

and i've been working on that. trying to be a little more of a daredevil. and hoping that if I take some chances, I might find that fun ride on a bigwheel again.



fall in kansas. rusty-colored milo.
where I live now, is where I grew up. and it will always feel like my home. sometimes wonder if it is meant to always be.

the leaves have finally changed. and there are shades of fall everywhere. and today's wind is leaving them everywhere scattered.

enjoyed my evening out last night. but it left my today feeling more quiet than normal.

spending time today prepping my kitchen for some fresh paint. for something brighter.

and thinking about the season changing. what is ahead. and how it is a person knows, what the right path is. how to fit the future into the present.


leaves falling

harvested the basil from the garden.
all the green is fading.
feel the need to buy new, warm socks & sweaters.
crowding all my plants into my few sunny windows.
found some fallen oak tree leaves in the backyard.
my mums are blooming in orange, pink & purple.
fall is very pretty.
but, I can't escape knowing, that what follows it, is winter.