my first tomato. picked & eaten. another taste of summertime.

last night, happy visiting with friends in town to see family. tonight, birthday party fun for a bourbon-drinking friend I couldn't live in this town without.



a present came in the mail today. so far away, yet so close too.



the smell of basil. definitely summer.



you have always been there. thanks for being one of the great ones.
happy father's day.


there, for just a moment.


finding shade

though the senior citizen is content to keep cool by napping on a shady back porch, I'm quite happy to have air conditioning again.


week past

 this lily bloomed. my mother gave it to me awhile ago. and it finally decided this was the summer to bloom.

it rained some.

I tried to take a picture of the lightning bugs. it didn't work. but, they were out there. quietly blinking as they floated about.

the a/c will be installed next week.  I look forward to having someplace cool to sleep again.

it is summer here. even the nights are warm.


heat rising

summertime. is among other things, when your air conditioning decides to go out.

and you become thankful for whoever it was that installed your attic fan.
and you discover that new air conditioning, costs a pretty penny.


in the hills

had a very fun time in missouri. with friends & family. took some blurry photos. ate good food. cooled off in a swimmin' hole. helped bake mulberry pies. then ate them for breakfast. slept in a tent, with nature buzzing outside. visited with people I've known forever and for only a few years.