spring weekend

the wheat & the sky.

the barn which stubbornly still stands.

some of my tulips. i'd forgotten all the colors which i'd planted.

peaceful & warm sunday afternoon sunshine.


the now four-year old

turning four meant a cinderella carriage, new dresses, handmade aprons & bags, a blanket for your baby dolls, sparkly markers & glitter everywhere. and a lot of other things. all opened in an excited frenzy from a long day of anticipation.

it also meant being able to sit on the table to blow out candles & cut your own cake.


my daffodils are starting to bloom.
my windows are open to the warm air & sounds of a lawn mower.
I wore flip-flops all day.
all very nice, except it is St. Patrick's Day, and it should still be colder.
not complaining,  just a little worried about what it all means for the upcoming summer.

and the kitten has found a new favorite spot for her lazy moments.

yep, there's a picture of my cute cat.

last year I was sitting in an "Irish" pub in Berlin, ordering Jamison in German. well, I wasn't actually the one doing the ordering,  just some of the drinking.


berlin last year

a year ago I'd landed in Berlin. getting ready to do & see so many new things. while not understanding any of the languages I heard around me.

thankfully I had a boyfriend, and two good friends (& their three children) to navigate it all with me.
it was a good trip.


in the midst

in the midst of signs of spring & preparing for changes ahead.
keep reminding myself to pause.

once I begin a project, I'm always focused on getting it done as soon as I can.
sometimes causing anxiety & rushing.
over the past few years I've learned to calmly remind myself, I can't control the outcome. I can only do my best in the moment.

and pause to enjoy the green tips of daffodils & tulips popping out of the ground. and the sunshine that pours into my kitchen in the morning.