may weekend

some things mother nature has going on for my birthday.

so along with a pretty bouquet from my mom, a lovely fantastic spa afternoon with friends, and a late morning of pancakes and sunbathing, I've had a good weekend. and I've got presents, a manicure & pedicure, and a sunburn to show for it. and it hasn't quite ended yet. since I still have dinner, and have yet another day off from work tomorrow.

thanks everyone, who wouldn't let me forget today.


storms and sunsets

this afternoon rolled in a big storm. of the sort I imagine we only see in Kansas. heavy, dark, warm, humid, then all of a sudden filled with cold wind. clouds billowing. and then the rain falls.
and you wonder if the hail will. and you listen.

and it all filters away. leaving everything wet. and with different anticipation.
after it tumbled out, the sun went down. and as it did, I tried to capture the glow it left on my house.

and now for the weekend.


into may days

I had decided to thin out my geranium population & thrown one into my compost pile. this one has decided to continue living.

I always forget how rainy early May is. I managed to get my tomatoes planted, and some zinnia seeds. but all else, still waits. I know it will be warm soon enough.

knowing that I'll be a part of the now, 2nd annual, Garden tour this year. means I keep thinking about July.

in the meantime, being stuck inside means I should go clean my bathroom.

on the agenda for the summer, getting back onto my bike. I've even found a kind bicycle-y soul who will get it tuned up & fixed for me.

happy mother's day to all my motherly figures out there.