knowing home & family

winter has been warm. this morning, with a little rain on the sidewalks, it seemed like spring time.

have been thinking about what I need from the place I call home. i grew up with two homes, one in town & one on the farm. and am learning to have two homes again, this time 500 miles apart rather than only 15 miles.

happy & sad recent events, and our time together for the holidays, has been a reminder to me of the fortune my brother & I have had with family. 

whatever the future holds with my job, my home or the presidential election, at least I know & have homes to go to and family to love.


when we still believe in fairies

some day she'll be like the rest of us in plain jeans & dark, warm jackets.
but for now, she'd rather be dressed like tinkerbell.


on epiphany

kitchen morning sunshine

in this new year I hope to give more, make more, accumulate less & spend less.
and work on my house.
and to remember to breathe deeply on occasion.

walking on the farm

and to use the internet less, while reading books on paper more.
and to not worry so much about the future when focusing on the present is really the only choice I have. and fortunately, my present is a good one.



grandma making you a princess dress for christmas.
one of the best presents, ever.

and then ignoring the rest of christmas so that she could play an imaginary fairytale that involved reading her little handmade book to herself, was the super best.