about the season

It takes awhile for me to appreciate these holidays. Since I usually just get annoyed by the constant jingle of christmas commercials. but have noticed a few things to be happy about.

the lights I keep up in my kitchen year-round, actually seem prettier than usual.

the retro-print christmas fabric, which I could never wear but wanted to buy. became a dress for my little niece.

sort of hard not to smile at the town's display of holiday lights.

feeling myself lighten up a little. so will try to keep looking around at reasons. to enjoy, the season.


thanks be.

for hugs from my niece.

for the questions & the stories that come from my nephew.

for seeing beauty in something forgotten.

for my family.
for my friends who are without question.
for my home. and a cranky old cat, who occasionally still plays like a kitten.
for living in Kansas.
for creativity, generosity and care.

and thank you for the sunshine on thanksgiving day.


great things list #17

the place where I'm hoping to spend some quality time over the next week.
can be dreamy, especially when the sunshine joins me.


finding the way

for some reason, at this time of year is when I wish I could visit Paris.
something about walking around that beautiful old city, all covered in twinkling lights.

anyways. Paris. Please.

I'd like a getaway.


being four

one of several birthday parties for the 4-yr old. sunny afternoon at the farm. roasted hot dogs & marshmallows over the fire. and a walk around the pond.

if you ask him, he'll offer up that he still kinda feels three sometimes.

I made him a superhero cape. and it didn't take long to figure out that capes are fun to run around in.

and he is very much one of my heroes.


the pumpkin & the elephant

my favorite halloween visitors.
were given specially made gingersnaps.
the elephant was excitably moving around so much,
that it was hard to capture a picture.

until she discovered her candy stash again.