middle of May

at the beginning of the week we received several inches of snow, though it all melted away by the next day. and here at the ending of the week, we spent the day in shorts and t-shirts.

mi madre y mi tia were here for two nights. I got to take them to favorite places, eat good food with them, and show them our backyard hike. it felt nice to be with two women I am so incredibly related to. 

i've been moving little plants out during the day. my basil gets lots of sun, and then comes back in at night. but the flowering sweetpeas and some of the morning glories went in the ground today. oh, how satisfying it feels to plant things. these little green bits that I put in soil to sprout back when the outside seemed so cold and Spring seemed forever away. I moved a lot of my geraniums outside today too, and then filled up my red water pitcher in the acequia, and watered them with the fresh snow water. 

 the hollyhock I planted last year has boldly returned.

this evening the sky turned pink and purple, and D. shot some hoops as it got too dark to see. our night is closing with another viewing of Easy Rider, in honor of the Dennis Hopper-day celebrated in Taos this weekend (Hopper being one of our more infamous once-residents). and because it opens with a scene shot with a view of Taos Mountain.

next weekend we are taking a trip to Chaco Canyon. I'll have pictures.