sunday in august

in one small way, taking place in the season changing. 
gathering summer's basil. freezing it for winter months.
and making pesto for enjoyment now.

and recently this has become a favorite spot, for both of us.
though while she naps, I imagine & sew.

keeping busy to help the time pass into september.
in less than two weeks I get to see my slim man again.
& then we'll go to winfield.
where so many of our favorite people will also be.


here & there

zinnias in kansas.

hollyhocks in new mexico.

starting lists for winfield. hearing crickets in the morning. trees exhausted from heat dropping leaves. noticing how the afternoon light is becoming more hazy. all signs that summer is near end.

i'm looking forward to Fall.


a peak view

picture taken & then sent to me yesterday.

a pretty reminder.


truetone fun

i enjoy listening to vinyl on my little portable record player. first on an old classroom unit I bought years ago at a yard sale. and more recently, on a new one given to me by dad (thanks dad!).

I've wanted an actual turntable. but buying one meant also a receiver & speakers.
and that all seemed intimidating.

today on a whim, stopped at the antique store. went upstairs & immediately saw an old truetone turntable, with built-in receiver & speakers. it works well. & it looks like the previous owner loved it enough to take good care of it.

so screw buying something new.
I found something old. and pretty. and sounds good. and right now it is playing johnny cash.
and, it was on sale.


one summer weekend

evening on the deck with friends. children & a sprinkler.

the sun set on the way home to pack for a quick trip north.

a morning drive to k.c., after a night of soft rains.

with family at a very sweet wedding.

and an early drive back home. for our 4th annual garden tour.
more fun with friends.


august begins

 hot. dry. kansas. the heat is burning up the fields, my dad said to me last week.

and though dry for most of my visit, the afternoon rains hit new mexico right before I left.
as the train pulled into the mountains, I watched the land soak up the storm.