a.word.a.day forwhy

just found this word.a.day in my inbox from awhile ago.

sums it up, doesn't it?



adverb: why.
conjuction: because.


morning quiet

a very quiet morning. just the distant hum of the highway, and insects humming overhead.

squirrels sitting in high branches, drop pieces of walnuts & acorns. in no rhythm, the pieces plop onto my lawn.

everything covered in rain. from an overnight storm, which I didn't wake up to.

it is cloudy, and cool. and the kind of morning which, if you didn't have to get out of bed, you wouldn't.


catching up july...some more

saw lyle lovett and his large band play, last weekend in Salina.

though, first we stopped at the Cozy Inn for some burgers, chips and pop.

the show was at the beautiful, old Stiefel Theatre. we had our programs flapping, (like old ladies in church, lyle commented) because of the heat. but the sound was great, as were our center balcony seats.

the theatre is full of old architectural elements. but many I couldn't capture without using my flash.

my friends and I were almost speechless in enjoyment and excitement.

and I left with a tank top that reads "lyle lovett my baby don't tolerate"

catching up july

back in mid-july. my brother had an art opening at one of our downtown galleries. the cobalt gallery, inside the pages bookshop.

my brother has the ability to be good at whatever he attempts. he can create beautiful and mysterious things. this includes his darling children.

a fun evening. (wish my photos did better justice to the art.)