ad astra per aspera

happy kansas day.


great things list #15

morning sunshine in the kitchen.



yes we did

i'm still amazed. thrilled. relieved. hopeful.

only about an hour to go. before our next president.



one of my favorites, "Trodden Weed." from the book, Andrew Wyeth Autobiography. he describes it as a highly emotional self-portrait.

the book my folks purchased for me, after we viewed the Wyeth exhibition together. back in 1995. at the Nelson-Atkins.

I remember wanting to have a piece of everything he saw. After viewing his paintings. Since though it seems to some bleak & lonely, I thought instead, it seemed calm, peaceful and passionate.


'member June?

after a visit to my grandparent's home, and taking these pictures of the backyard, I told myself to wait to do any posting. that in the dead of winter, I'd enjoy some summer pics.

seriously, remember the Kansas sun? I miss it. My winter cranky has really set in.

in late June, I walked around my grandpa's gardens. while he pointed out his pink hollyhocks. and his abundant tomatoes (and the roof damage they received in a recent tornado). I am late in appreciating his gardening talents. But in the past few years, I've realised it gives us something in common. And I enjoy seeing his love.

permanent bluebird.

porch sitting.

hollyhocks. (I have the seeds, but I must yet find the sun)


christmas sunset

my sunset view, as I drove Christmas night.

the pink struck me as especially pretty. it was a very clear, crisp night.

seemed like I was the only one out driving on the country road.

wishing upon fruit

ate this apple today, standing in my kitchen at the old cutting board.
looking outside, where it is only barely sunny. and mostly dry & cold.

found myself wishing for something warm, new and happy. something good you can
count on. like that first day you open the door, walk outside, and hear all the birds chirping in crazy orchestration which means, Spring has arrived.