hot june

black-eyed susan

sort of ridiculous how hot it is outside.

purple/pink coneflower

and sort of ridiculous that I'm considering taking some iced tea & a book outside to be hot. (and mom, of course a hat and some sunscreen.)

green cherry tomatoes

and I know it won't help the headache I woke with. except it may help me shed some toxins. (bourbon, why don't you like me as much as I like you?)

but it is summer.  and in the dead winter of january, these are the days I dream of.


in the forest

early morning light.

early morning wild geranium. (I think)

and watching early morning coffee-with-bailey's being prepared.

I felt lucky for all of it.


bumpy canyon roads. looking for that quiet spot with a fine view.

big ol' sunny meadow. with grand vista views. and a high mountain wind.

the flatlander had some altitude issues.
but finally a sweet little spot by the creek was found.

snacks. dinner. drinks. waiting for the stars to come out.
and sleeping to the sound of mountain water rushing by.

and then morning coffee & driving down, back to responsibilities, schedules & a suitcase.


a haircut. a ride around the enchanted circle.
good pizza & beer in a shady courtyard.

a creaky old western store full of boots. and old, pretty silver jewelry.
and thrift store shopping which we came out empty-handed.

wildfires all around. but here clear, blue skies.
and tomorrow, camping.


quiet train trip. open fields. dirt rusty with iron ore. shakespeare on stage. tall, green trees and water rushing by. and in an old abobe church with a crooked cross, dinner of fresh & locally grown foods; chicken tacos with cabbage & spicy cinnamon, salad with strawberries & a tamale with an earthy mole.


tomatoes. battling the hot & persistent south wind.
102 degrees and it is still officially spring.


june morning

the lily which I've been waiting to bloom.
and this morning here it is, lovely in its orange.
going to be a hot weekend, but whatever, because the sun will be out & enjoyed by me.


just another one of my new favorite photos.
this one taken by my brother.
I love that for them going for walks in a country field is just a normal day.